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Grendel Chat
Welcome to the Grendel Chat, these are the rules:

*No swearing
*No spamming/scrolling or anything like it
* please, keep the subject on Creatures, If you don't know what creatures is, or don't like it, GET OUT!
*If someone asks you to stop something, STOP

If any of these rules are disobeyed, i will have to be VEERRYYY angry.

Please get a Java capable browser!

Go to the ICE Homepage and get your own free chat!

the skip around--Get to any area in Grendel hall fast

Honey Hall: This is The Grendel's party area, It has some cool food COBs
Travel Agencie This is The Grendel's travel agency, You can download and trade Grendel's here!
Grendel Chat: come here to talk about Grendel's, or Norn's, Or anything realted to creatures.
Thumper's Trophy room: This is the page i have dedicated to Thumper.