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The entrance to GRENDEL HALL

Here you are at the entrance of Grendel Hall. Loud laughing can be heard through the doors. My name is Mango, And I watch over the hundreds of Grendels that stay here. A handsome deep Green Grendel waddles up to you. Let me introduce you, This is Thumper my favorite Grendel. "Me Thumper. Thumper give tour. Follow Thumper, we go through door." He informs you, grabbing your hand and dragging you towards the large door.

Thumper will wear a yellow bracelet as he gives you your tour, so that you will know him appart from the other Grendel's.

the skip around--Get to any area in Grendel hall fast

Honey Hall: This is The Grendel's party area, It has some cool food COBs
Travel Agencie This is The Grendel's travel agency, You can download and trade Grendel's here!
Grendel Chat: come here to talk about Grendel's, or Norn's, Or anything realted to creatures.
Thumper's Trophy room: This is the page i have dedicated to Thumper.