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Some Grendel's are Gathered here, wanting to travel. They are looking for some nice hands to visit for awhile. Thumper points to a desk, with a sign on it that says: ADOPTION AGENCIE Thumper pushes you into the seat in front of the desk, and sits down behind the desk, after pushing the Norn that was working there out of the chair.    "What kind of Grendel you look for?" he questions, opening a book. "Would you like to submit one of your Grendel, Trade with other breeders for Grendel, or just get Grendel?" Thumper looks pleased to help you.

  Here he is, that irresistable little devil himself! THUMPER! Thumper is my original Grendel, So he is infertile. He lives reamarkably long, and i love him allot. He is my favorite Grendel, So if you download him, please BE NICE! thanks.

This is Snap, a red Grendel. No offense to him, but he is a W-I-M-P. He is afraid of everything. Bee's, Balls, Lemon's, Carrots, you name it, it can scare him. This doesn't mean he won't eat though. He is a good eater. Most of the time

This is Homey, a black Grendel (he doesn't look very black to me, what about you? I got him from Crummboy's homepage) I L-O-V-E homey, even though he is lazy. Lazy is a perfect word for homey. He likes to sleep allot. This photo captures his inner being perfectly.

Thumper also shows you a closet, where many objects lay around. There is a sign on the wall, which you read quickly. it says: "THE GRENDEL RAISING ROOM-- Some COB's that are suggested, or ABSOLOUTLY necesery for raising a grendel. The one's that are necessary, have a * next to them." When you are done reading, Thumper guides you into the middle of the room, and points out the Grendel trap to you. "That Thumper's personal plane." he explains proudly. He turns you toward the dog laying on the floor panting, looking up at you both with adorable eyes, "that Thumper's Dog." explains Thumper, ruffly petting the dog on the head. He spins you towards the Grendel Button, "We not aloud to touch dat." he says sadly. He then brightens up and looks up at you, "Sooo... what you want?"

*THE GRENDEL BUTTON! Don't try to raise Grendels without one. It's hard with lemmons and things, to select them. with this, all you have to do is hit a button, and it's selected. This button works for more than one Grendel too.

You don't REALLY need this, but i think it's useful to get the Grendel's places, because the Grendel's are rather thick headed, and distracted easily, so it's hard to have them walk somewhere far away, unless you want to brake your fingers typeing "ctrl-S" over and over!

A pet is not required, but suggessted, Grendel's get lonely easily, and a doggy is just the thing they need. The picture above is NOT what the dog COB looks like!

the skip around--Get to any area in Grendel hall fast

Honey Hall: This is The Grendel's party area, It has some cool food COBs
Travel Agencie This is The Grendel's travel agency, You can download and trade Grendel's here!
Grendel Chat: come here to talk about Grendel's, or Norn's, Or anything related to creatures.
Thumper's Trophy room: This is the page i have dedicated to Thumper.