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Honey Hall

You enter Honey Hall, the main area of Grendel Hall, It is used for an ongoing party, that never stops! It is said the finest Honey in the world is served here. Grendels shake their booties on the dance floor, While others sit at Tables and eat, and still other's play insturments. Thumper tugs at your arm, "Thumper love dance." he says, and waddles out onto the dance floor. A Grendel in a funny hat walks over, and seats you at a table, near to where Thumper is dancing. "What you want?" he questions, Handing you a menu.


Honey and cheese combo
Strawberry Shortcake
Wine for two
Carrot Varients
Choclate Chip Cookie
Tomato Soup Machine
note: i got all of these cobs from

People have come to party with the Grendels

the skip around--Get to any area in Grendel hall fast

Honey Hall: This is The Grendel's party area, It has some cool food COBs
Travel Agencie This is The Grendel's travel agency, You can download and trade Grendel's here!
Grendel Chat: come here to talk about Grendel's, or Norn's, Or anything realted to creatures.
Thumper's Trophy room: This is the page i have dedicated to Thumper.